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What Am I Reading This Week and Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday ~ ItsaWahmLife.com

This book’s been teasing me from the spinning shelf at the library for a while now. When I went researching for this week’s recommended book list for the word Success, this one definitely came up… and I immediately decided it would be the book I read this week. (crossing my fingers that I followed through.) … Continue reading

12 Book Recommendations for the Word Happiness

12 book recommendations for the word happiness... ItsaWahmLife.com #yearofwords #bookchallenge

This week I had the complete opposite problem I had last week. This week there were sooooo many books to choose from for the word Happiness! I mean, I found a bunch on my own shelves! I think it’s interesting to look at people’s book shelves, you can get a really good understanding of who … Continue reading

10% Happier By Dan Harris: Book Review

10 % happier dan harris book

  Last Friday at my book club meeting someone mentioned Dan Harris’ new book 10% Happier. They didn’t say much about it, only that they thought it looked good. We were heading to Tulsa later that day so I took a gander at the reviews and downloaded it to my kindle.  (I always like to … Continue reading