How to Make a Cookbook

how to make a cookbookWhen you’re “of a certain age” you still remember recipe boxes. My grandmother’s was green with flowers on it. My mom’s is wood. Mine is also made of wood (though it doesn’t have many recipes in it lol). These recipe boxes  often sat on a bookshelf, or on the windowsill, and always, always were stuffed to overflowing.

These recipe boxes were like time capsules… a written history of your family. Now everyone has a smart phone, and access to a gajillion recipes on the internet, you can print them off whenever you need them, but what about the recipe boxes?

I don’t want to lose my grandmother’s recipes, my mother’s recipes, our family heirlooms. That’s why I set out to learn how to make a cookbook. I wanted to take these overflowing recipe boxes and turn them into an easy to use, clear print, no ink smearing, cookbook. I want a real cookbook that can sit on my shelf, on my mom’s shelf, on my aunt’s shelf… so everyone has access to these amazing recipes that have shaped the lives of our family .

How to make a cookbook.

Turns out it’s super easy.  I found a website,  in fact, where all you have to do is type in your recipes, upload an image (if you want), and they will print them all out for you, and assemble them into your very own cookbookhow to make a cookbook

They’re printed on high quality paper. The images are glossy and gorgeous. You choose the image on the cover of your cookbook. Do you want your favorite dish on the front, or maybe a family portrait? The final result looks as good as a Barefoot Contessa cookbook… but it’s yours. Your recipes, your history.

One thing I particularly like about these cookbooks is they are not static. In fact, you can continue to add recipes to them… so as new generations of your family bring new recipes to the table, you can add them to the family cookbook.

Making 5 cookbooks to give as Christmas gifts is just as simple as making one for yourself… just make your own cookbook, and order multiple copies. :)

I love the ease and simplicity of it, and how fun will it be to look back over your old family recipes, remember the last time your family ate them all together and put them all together in one place where everyone can treasure them, and use them!

There’s nothing worse than having to go through tons and tons of note cards, all stuffed into a recipe box, just trying to find that one perfect recipe  of your Grandmother’s. Now all you’ll have to do is look at the index and flip to the right page.

Your family will love you for taking the time to learn how to make a cookbook to preserve family recipes, and create a family heirloom.

It’s so easy to do just 3 simple steps. 1. Run get your recipe box and 2. click here to start entering your recipes 3. Choose an image for the cover of your cookbook! You’re done!

Enjoy making your own cookbook!

jackie lee

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